“With Carol’s help, Natural Capitalism Solutions turned out consistent, accurate documents. She effectively caught typos and consistency errors in my writing without changing my voice or intent.”

From Hunter Lovins, President and Founder of Natural Capitalism Solutions, a non-profit that educates senior decision-makers in business, government, and civil society about the principles of sustainability.



“Carol has been a district grader for a number of years. She excels in helping students to recognize good writing, pinpoints areas for growth, and encourages students to revise and rewrite their papers to the best of their abilities. I have really enjoyed our partnership and have learned a lot from working with Carol. She is an excellent writer and a tireless pursuer of knowledge.”

From Terri A. Berger, English Teacher and English Department Chair, Cache La Poudre Middle School, Fort Collins, Colorado.


“My senior year of high school I was completely overwhelmed with the pressure of college application essays. I remember feeling the stress of not being able to put all my hopes, dreams, and experiences into a short 500-word essay. I so desperately wanted to demonstrate the unique components of myself that the universities were seeking in my essays; however, finding the proper words and sentence structures became something of an obstacle for me. I felt very fortunate to have had Carol’s expertise to guide me along this path. She helped me find a way to structure my essay so that I could encompass everything I wanted to say, while still properly responding to the prompt. I felt like Carol showed me how to make my writing personal and unique, while she also gave me the skills I needed to use writing in order to present myself in the best possible light to the universities to which I was applying. I am now a junior in college and could not be more thankful for all the help Carol gave me in the process of applying to schools!”

From Melissa Robinson, University of Colorado student


“With Carol’s help on my admissions essay, I got into my first-choice college—as well as my second and third choices!”

From Mitchell Dilley, high school senior, Fort Collins, Colorado.