North South Consultants

North South Consultants offers editorial solutions for businesses, non-profits, agencies, organizations, students, and individuals.


For businesses, non-profits, organizations, and individuals:

Whether you need a paper edited or a proposal written, I can relieve your project pressure by turning your documents into accurate, consistent, clear writing. I will meet your deadline within your budget and give you a quality product every time.


Do you need help with:


  • Document editing and/or revision?
  • Technical writing and/or revision?
  • General audience writing?
  • Proposal or grant writing?
  • Marketing materials?
  • Email or other correspondence?
  • Newsletters?


If your need involves writing or editing, I can help.

My experience includes writing, editing, and revising technical papers and reports addressing a variety of subjects: environmental impact studies, social impact studies, river morphology, fisheries and wildlife biology, geographic information studies, livestock studies, and agricultural and irrigation studies. I have edited and revised documents pertaining to sustainable living, global warming, and related energy issues. The papers and reports I have edited were generated from governmental, nongovernmental organizations, business, and private projects, and from donor-funded projects in developing countries.

In addition, I have written on a wide variety of subjects for local, regional, state, and national publications.


Currently, I am the editor of the Fort Collins Audubon Society’s newsletter, The Ptarmigan.  See a recent issue –


Clients include:


  • Natural Capitalism Solutions;
  • Western Ecosystems’ Technology, Inc.;
  • University of Northern Colorado;
  • Colorado State University;
  • University of Colorado;
  • U.S. Geological Survey;
  • Riverside Technology inc.;
  • U.S. Agency for International Development;
  • Government of The Netherlands;
  • Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication;
  • Helen Keller International; and
  • The World Bank’s Flood Action Plan.


For students:

Writing a stand-out college application essay requires focus, detail, organization, and no grammatical errors. I can coach you through the process and help you turn your essay into one that grabs the admissions team and leaves them certain that you are a student to admit.

According to Dr. David Conley, Professor of Educational Policy and Leadership in the College of Education at the University of Oregon and founder and director of the Center for Educational Policy Research, “The ability to write well is the single academic skill most closely associated with college success.”

If you are a student who struggles with writing, I can coach you into achieving that academic skill of writing well. I am available to coach either high school or college students into composing well-written essays and research papers.