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North South Consultants offers editorial solutions for businesses, non-profits, agencies, organizations, students, and individuals.


The quality, consistency, and accuracy of your documents reflect on your professionalism.  North South Consultants will clean up your errors and polish your papers, documents, proposals, letters, and all other writing projects. North South Consultants also guides and assists

students with all their writing needs.  


Whether you need a paper edited or a proposal written, I can relieve your project pressure by turning your documents into accurate, consistent, clear writing. I will meet your deadline within your budget

and give you a quality product every time.


Do you need help with:

  • Document editing and/or revision?
  • Technical writing and/or revision?
  • General audience writing?
  • Proposal or grant writing?
  • Marketing materials?
  • Email or other correspondence?
  • Newsletters?


If your need involves writing or editing, I can help. My experience includes writing, editing, and revising technical papers and reports addressing a variety of subjects: geology, environmental impact studies, social impact studies, river morphology, fisheries and wildlife biology, geographic information studies, livestock studies, and agricultural and irrigation studies.

 I have edited and revised documents pertaining to sustainable living, global warming, and related energy issues. The papers and reports I have edited were generated from governmental and nongovernmental organizations, business, and private projects, including those from donor-funded projects in developing countries.


North South Consultants offers coaching service to businesses, organizations, students writing college entrance essays or school essays, and individuals.


North South Consultants offers editorial solutions for general and technical needs, and coaching for all student writing:

  • Document editing and/or revision
  • Technical writing and/or revision
  • General audience writing and/or editing
  • Proposal or grant writing
  • Marketing materials
  • Email or other correspondence
  • Newsletters
  • Coaching for high school and college writing
  • Blog and website copy and content
  • Business articles and reports
  • Press releases
  • Customized writing and editing projects

Current and Past Clients


  • Natural Capitalism Solutions
  • Fort Collins Audubon Society
  • American Society of Civil Engineers
  • launchphase2
  • Western Ecosystems’ Technology, Inc;
  • University of Northern Colorado
  • Colorado State University
  • University of Colorado
  • U.S. Geological Survey
  • Riverside Technology inc.
  • U.S. Agency for International Development
  • Government of The Netherlands
  • Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication
  • Helen Keller International
  • The World Bank’s Flood Action Plan.



“With Carol’s help, Natural Capitalism Solutions turned out consistent, accurate documents. She effectively caught typos and consistency errors in my writing without changing my voice or intent.”

From Hunter Lovins, President and Founder of Natural Capitalism Solutions, a non-profit that educates senior decision-makers in business, government, and civil society about the principles of sustainability.

“Carol has been a district grader for a number of years. She excels in helping students to recognize good writing, pinpoints areas for growth, and encourages students to revise and rewrite their papers to the best of their abilities. I have really enjoyed our partnership and have learned a lot from working with Carol. She is an excellent writer and a tireless pursuer of knowledge.”

From Terri A. Berger, English Teacher and English Department Chair, Cache La Poudre Middle School, Fort Collins, Colorado.


My senior year of high school I was completely overwhelmed with the pressure of college application essays. I remember feeling the stress of not being able to put all my hopes, dreams, and experiences into a short 500-word essay. I so desperately wanted to demonstrate the unique components of myself that the universities were seeking in my essays; however, finding the proper words and sentence structures became something of an obstacle for me. I felt very fortunate to have had Carol’s expertise to guide me along this path. She helped me find a way to structure my essay so that I could encompass everything I wanted to say, while still properly responding to the prompt. I felt like Carol showed me how to make my writing personal and unique, while she also gave me the skills I needed to use writing in order to present myself in the best possible light to the universities to which I was applying. I am now a junior in college and could not be more thankful for all the help Carol gave me in the process of applying to schools!”

From Melissa Robinson, University of Colorado student

“With Carol’s help on my admissions essay, I got into my first-choice college—as well as my second and third choices!”

From Mitchell Dilley, high school senior, Fort Collins, Colorado.


P. Carol Jones

P. Carol Jones is a writer/editor/writing coach, and owner of North South Consultants, an editorial solutions service. She holds a degree in journalism and has numerous published articles on a variety of subjects in local, state, regional, and national publications. She is the author of Toward College Success: Is Your Teenager Ready, Willing, and Able?, a book to help parents evaluate and prepare their teenagers for a successful college experience.

I started writing when, as a teenager, a small plane crashed into my neighbor’s house. The story I wrote ran in my school newspaper and was picked up by the now defunct Dallas Times Herald. I kept writing—for my college newspaper, as an intern for the Dallas Times Herald, as an editor for the Rocky Mountain regional newsmagazine, High Country News, and as writer/editor for too-many-others-to-name publications. I started technical editing and writing when my family and I lived overseas for several years. Now I edit and write through my business North South Consultants, coach students on essay writing, and work on my personal writing projects.

I live near Fort Collins, Colorado, with my husband. 


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Toward College Success

Toward College Success: Is Your Teenager Ready, Willing, and Able? is a book to help parents of middle and high school students evaluate and prepare their teenagers for a successful college experience, or to help them decide that going straight to college after high school is not the right path for their child. This book prods parents to ask if their teenager will be ready, willing, and able to handle self-management, personal safety, roommate conflicts, personal finances, interactions with teachers, academic responsibility, and much more. 


Toward College Success asks parents what they are doing now—while their teenagers are still living at home—to develop their students into resilient, confident, self-sufficient young adults that will succeed in college and life beyond high school.

What's Inside

Over nine chapters, Toward College Success shows how families and their students have struggled with a range of issues and challenges, some of which represent success stories and others not. At the end of each chapter are examples of how parents can prepare their teenage students for college and life beyond high school.

Chapter Titles:

  • College Success Requires Maturity: Is Your Teenager Ready, and Are You?
  • Going to College Now, Later, or Never?: Is Your Teenager Willing?
  • Functioning on Their Own: Is Your Teenager Able?
  • Academic Responsibilities: Playing by the Rules
  • Readin’, ‘Ritin’, and ‘Rithmatic: What’s Important About the Three Rs?
  • Researching Colleges and Universities: Asking Questions Makes a Difference
  • Drugs, Sex, Assault, and Robbery: Playing it Safe
  • The Emotional Roller Coaster: Loneliness and Emotional Support
  • Finances 101: Figuring and Managing Money
  • Final Thoughts


From Bev Dunn, Colorado secondary school counselor:

After over twenty years of school counseling at both the middle and high school level, I have finally found a book that I can highly recommend to many of my parents. It discusses those many factors beyond grade point average and high school course selection that parents must consider before sending their children off to college. I have seen so many students unprepared and watched too many parents spend thousands of dollars to watch their children drop out or fail during that freshman year in college. This book can help many parents guide their children in the right direction during and after high school. One mold doesn’t fit all!

From Kate Thomsen, MS, educational consultant and rehabilitation counselor, New York:

A successful college experience depends on much more than SAT scores and financial aid packages. Carol Jones’ book is a parent’s or guidance counselor’s resource that has the potential to make the difference between college success or failure. This book addresses the need for parents to begin preparing their children for college life long before they are 18 years old. Many of us parents begin thinking about college when our kids enter high school. Parents commiserate about daunting applications, letters of reference, the dreaded essay, college visits, and FAFSA forms. It all feels overwhelming, but we plow through safe in the knowledge that once the kid is in, our work is done. Wrong! Getting into college is only the first step. Once they move into their dorms and unpack their new clothes and comforters, the real work of college begins. Too many students, even those with high SAT scores, may be woefully unprepared to navigate the independence they now find themselves “enjoying.” Many struggle needlessly because they arrive without the skills they need to be able to function in the absence of their parents. The truth is, most of us parents may be fairly clueless as to how to prepare our kids for the critical challenges that lay ahead.

This book is a must read for parents, especially middle school parents, who wish to offer their children a college education. The skills they need to self-manage are developed over time. Waiting until high school to begin the dialogue is too late.


Recommended reading by the college coaches at phase.2,

Being academically prepared for college level coursework is only part of the equation for success in college. Just as important is the student’s ability to self-manage and self-advocate. Ms. Jones’ book, Towards College Success, provides excellent, practical advice to parents on how to prepare and support their child, in order to succeed in college and beyond.

From Leigh Ann Dilley, parent of Fort Collins High School student:

I’ve been meaning to call you and thank you for your book! We have decided to send our son, Mitch, to Front Range Community College for one year. Even though he was accepted at several universities he seems to recognize that he is just not ready to leave home and pursue college.

I want to thank you for helping us realize, through your book, that we are setting Mitch up for success by doing this, not holding him back or stigmatizing him. We really believe that in another year, he will have more maturity and confidence in his ability, and will be much more successful in a college setting. Mitch seems much more relaxed and excited about this choice as well.

Where to Buy

The print version of Toward College Success is available from the author for $12 (includes postage) at

The digital copy is available from your favorite e-book vendor, or go to: or